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College and Career Academy Board

One of the driving forces behind a successful College and Career Academy is the importance of local decision-making to maximize educational opportunities for our students.  Comprised of industry experts, community members, school leadership, teachers and parents, they monitor the goals of the Dublin City Schools College and Career Academy in an effort to increase student achievement and school improvement.  

This team serves as advocates for their respective schools and makes recommendations to the CEO regarding personnel decisions, financial decisions, curriculum and instruction, resource allocation, establishing and monitoring the achievement of school improvement goals, and school operations.

Bart Harris

Farmers Home Furniture 

Industry Sector:  Distribution and Logistics

Charlie Garbutt

Garbutt Construction 

Industry Sector:  Construction

Rob crumpton

Erdrich USA Inc.

Industry Sector:  Advanced Manufacturing

Vic Cooper

Wild Bore Mechanical 

Industry Sector:  Industrial Maintenance

Erica Harden

Oconee Fall Line Technical College

Industry Sector:  Technical College System of Georgia

Joey Barrett

Georgia Power 

Industry Sector:  Utilities